Occupational Therapy Equipment


The Box Clinic: I highly recommend the Box Clinic for Occupational Therapy. I have used it in a skilled nursing facility. In my ten years of OT I have not seen anything as versatile as this. There are activities for fine motor coordination, UE strengthening, ROM, cognition, and sitting and standing balance. It is especially valuable in a SNF setting because of its portability. You can take it right to the person's room if necessary. It contains activities that can be used with the cognitively impaired patients or patients of normal cognition. My favorite activity in the box is the card game. This is fun for the patient and can be set up to address a variety of physical problems. The Box Clinic is a definite asset to the quality of our therapy. Phil Ferris-Smith, OTR (sub acute rehab setting)
 The Box Clinic: I really like it, especially for use with neuro patients. I use if for dynamic sitting balance and it is great. Beth Walker OTR (hospital setting)
 The Box Clinic: I like the variety that it offers along with it takes up little space. Bethany Puochta, OTR (hospital setting)
 The Box Clinic: I think it is a really nice tool. You can stand in one spot and do many different things. Elizabeth Cole, COTA (hospital setting)
 The Box Clinic: The "Clinic-in-a-Box" does for the SNF setting what the BTE does for work hardening. Seneca Cotterman, MS,OTR (sub acute rehab setting)
 The Box Clinic: "Five minutes into his presentation I was impressed!" Mike Lightfoot, MS, OTR (sub acute rehab setting)
 The Box Clinic - participant comments from a product inservice: (Comments used with their permission) You have to see it to appreciate how versatile and creative it really is. You will use it in any setting - long term care, home health, in-patient or out-patient, young or old. Uses traditional items - cones, pegs, etc. - in a very modern, purposeful way your clients will enjoy, no matter what their ability. ADL's, core exercises, feeding, balance, fine motor, cognition; all can be done in bed, sitting, standing, you can do this with the clinic box. Occupational Therapy Dept. VA Medical Center, Battle Creek, MI
 The Box Clinic - as a traveling COTA I have seen and used this equipment (Box Clinic) in many settings. I love its versatility and compact-ability. It is a fine way to do fine motor, functional reach, gross grasp and cognitive activities -- everything is in one box. I would recommend it for SNF's and in/out patient settings. Jamie McDowell, COTA/L (sub acute rehab setting)
 The Goal Pole - I have been using the Goal Pole for about 5 months now and love all the different options to keep my patients engaged with the treatment.  The Goal Pole is the perfect option for performing standing activities when you are the only therapist in the room.  Donald Spencer II LPTA (skilled nursing facility)
I had the pleasure of experiencing The Goal Pole Therapy Station at my facility.  I am an Occupational Therapist and Therapy Program Manager at a Short Term Rehab/Skilled Nursing Facility.  As an Occupational Therapist, the possibilities seemed endless on adaptations and graded activities that I could have my patient's perform.  I was able to utilize the station for almost every skill level that my patient's were currently performing at.    What I enjoyed the most was observing other therapists  and how they adapted the station to meet their patient's needs.  The Physical therapists were able to incorporate dynamic and static sitting and standing tasks while keeping their patient's fully engaged.  The Goal Pole could fit in almost any size therapy gym.  It is compact and versatile.  I would recommend The Goal Pole Therapy Station for anyone looking for a unique piece of equipment with excellent versatility and use across all disciplines.
Krista M. Hagarty, OTRL
Therapy Program Manager 
The Goal Pole was very beneficial for treatments especially in regards to neurological balance, hand-eye coordination, improving activity tolerance, and for functional training (i.e. sit <-> stand, hip/ankle control). Thank you for bringing it in for us to use.

Samantha Reikowski, PTA (Short Term Rehab/SNF)
I have been a physical therapist for 12 years, and a geriatric specialist for the last 4 years. The biggest problem we see in the geriatric population is a lack of balance with risk of falls.  There isn’t therapy equipment to my knowledge that can broadly address the components of balance training.  However, I recently came across a really good, comprehensive piece of equipment called THE GOAL POLE.  It works on all the main components of balance training including proprioceptive awareness, coordination, and strength. The patient can participate in a wide range of activities such as weight shifting activities, activities with crossing the midline, functional reach in all directions, and many more.  The part I liked the most, is that the PT/OT can assess progress with built-in objective measurement tools. I strongly recommend this equipment in SNF’s, outpatient settings, and a mini version of the device for the home setting too.

Neil Patel, PT, MsPT, GCS.