Clinic Standard Portable therapy kit


A smaller version of the Box Clinic with many of the same treatment activities. 


  • Excellent spacial positioning of therapy items 
  • Highly portable with a fully loaded weight of 22.5 lbs. (10 kg) 
  • Design allows for convenient treatment of patients seated or standing, with or without a table. (rubber feet on base prevent slippage when placed on furniture) 
  • Magnets provide the therapist with a medium for creativity in designing treatment activities for improving performance components or for ADLs

Clinic Standard

Clinic Standard

Clinic Standard
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The Clinic Standard therapy kit includes many of the features of a Box Clinic. Included: 20 in. X 20 in. base; 28 in. upright aluminum bar with 2 adjustable arms with permanent magnets on 3 sides; one deck of metal-backed jumbo-faced playing cards; ONE peg board that accepts small and large pegs; one C-clamp; 2 U-brackets; 2 cone bases; 12 small plastic stacking cones; 7-segment arch; 2, 9 in. stainless steel rods; one nut-bolt assembly; and one theraband handle. All materials can be repeatedly cleaned/sanitized, and are highly durable. If you are looking for a highly portable therapy kit that allows you to provide, and EFFECTIVELY GRADE, numerous treatment activities; here it is. 

Clinic Standard Price: $1,395.00 (plus S/H)

To order, contact us at: 517-282-9240, or e-mail